5-Day Old Newborn Kitten Enjoying Her Bottle… TOO PRECIOUS For Words!

Meet the adorable Darla. She’s a beautiful newborn kitten who was just 5 DAYS old at the time of the recording, and she’s the cutest little thing I’ve ever seen. When kittens are still this young, it’s normal for them to be bottle fed by humans if their cat mommy is unable to feed them just for herself. She watches on as her beautiful snowy white kitten feed, and it’s too cute for words.

You might be wondering why Darla can’t be fed from her mother’s belly, and there’s a very good reason for that. The cat had recently gotten cat flu, and since the infection takes a long time to heal up completely, so the kitten wouldn’t have gotten enough nutrients from her natural milk.

But make no mistake! Darla is as healthy as she can be, and her mother fully recovered just a few days after this short but sweet video was recorded. We can only hope Darla’s future parents will give us more beautiful moments like the one depicted in the clip that we brought to you.

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