5 Days Old Elephant Got Stuck In A Mud Puddle. But What Happened Next Brought Me To Tears! Aww!

Parents’ love for their children is never limited and is incomparable to anything else in the world. Be it humans or any animals on this planet, the parents always try to protect their children. Until a child is old enough to survive on his/her own, no parents leave their child to suffer. And this gentle giant is a great example of a mother with immense love for her child.

When this little baby elephant suddenly fell in a muddy pond, rescue team from Kenya Wildlife Service and Amboseli Trust for Elephants came for help. They had to ward off the herd first to save this 5 days old elephant. With a lot of time and effort, these rescuers were finally able to save this baby elephant and reunite him with his mother. As soon as he was out of the pond, his mother Zahava came running towards him. She looked grateful and relieved. As she walked towards her herd she kept looking back at the humans as if to thank them. I had a marvelous feeling when I saw them walking side by side again.

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