5-grade talent show boys dressed as babies – what they did next is utterly hilarious

Talent shows are extremely popular today, from the televised programs all the way down to a performance in the family living room. People just want to show the world what they can do. Unfortunately, it can be hit and miss – and not everyone has got what it takes to be a superstar. But we think these four boys from New Braunfels Christian Academy are going places!

At the school’s annual talent show, nobody knew what to expect as on-stage a black sheet was masking something hidden underneath, and the boys were introduced for their act. The crowd hushed as the sheet was finally revealed, and then they went wild as they saw each boy dressed as a baby – complete with dummies! What on earth was going on?! Nothing could have prepared the watching audience for what happened next!

As Taylor Swift’s popular hit ‘Shake it Off’ blasted from the speakers, the boys kicked into their baby/puppet dance routine – and left their fellow students, teachers and parents in howls of laughter. In a perfectly choreographed dance, the boys bounced their way through a number of hit tunes – and had everyone’s sides splitting. We’d be very surprised if you manage to get through this video without howling with laughter!

Their highlight was a hilariously comic moment when dancing to ‘Kung Fu Fighting’ as they’re in perfect tandem throughout the moves and the audience is falling all over it! The boys use a number of well-placed props throughout the show to add to their performance, and it won’t matter what age you are – it’s hopelessly entertaining to anybody watching!

It was apt that the guys were dressed as babies – and we only wish that we were there to witness the birth of the stars of the future! These talented boys are definitely kids to look out for!

Tears of laughter are streaming from every eye in the school hall as they do their own version of ‘YMCA,’ before finishing with Justin Timberlake’s crowd pleaser – ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling.’ The audience goes nuts and so will you! If their ingenious performance didn’t take the crown at this talent show – then we want to have a word with the judges! Inventive, hilarious and with brilliant comic timing – you’re not going to want to miss this performance. And mark these words – these guys will be on America’s Got Talent real soon!