THIS 5-Star Recipe Has Been Taking The Internet By Storm. Wait Till You Find Out How Easy It Is! is a super cool recipe website. It has a most extensive collection of recipes and vibrant community of users, and yet it is so easy to use. The Recipe in Motion series of cooking videos is particularly eye-opening. You don’t have to put up with celebrity personalities, which often distract from the cooking, these Allrecipes videos get right down to the nitty gritty and show you the steps clearly and quickly. Here we go!

This “Slow Cooker Pot Roast” is one of their most popular recipes worldwide for a simple reason – everyone loves pot roast (unless you don’t eat beef) and unlike America, the slow cooker is more popular than the conventional oven in many foreign countries. Are you ready for a stand-out recipe that a verified member exclaimed, “This recipe for slow-cooker pot roast is 100% delicious. Savory, slightly tangy, melt in your mouth perfection! With homemade mashed potatoes and some greenery, they’re good to go!”?

There are several awesome tricks in this Recipe in Motion that should be applicable elsewhere: Use a plate to pound the flour into the beef, put sliced onions between the beef and the bottom of the cookware, a special gravy mix combo made up of dry beef gravy powder, ranch dressing mix, Italian salad dressing mix.

Great stuff! The other good news is that it takes 8 hours to cook, which means one could take in almost a full day of browsing the internet (not wasting time, just browsing) while waiting for it to be cooked.