5 Week Old Baby Goat Follows This Man Everywhere. The Reason Behind It? I Can’t Stop Crying!

Benjamin the baby goat was born at Pot House Hamlet in the United Kingdom. The poor thing was abandoned by his mother at birth. She gave birth to twins, which is not common for goats, and sadly, she couldn’t care of both of them. There was very little hope for the tiny baby goat because of his mother’s neglect. But that’s when Tom Horsfield entered the picture.

Tom is a nursery owner in Barnsley, UK and Benjamin took to him as a best friend or a father figure. I guess he sort of imprinted on Tom. He follows Tom everywhere and he has also managed to make a lot of friends already. Benjamin is quite famous around the area, partly because of his attachment to Tom, and visitors come from all around to see him.

Tom played a huge part in Benjamin’s life and so did Benjamin in Tom’s. Benjamin has brought many visitors to Tom’s nursery. People come to watch little Benjamin before he gets all grown up. Tom and his little friend are practically inseparable these days. Aren’t they so cute together?

People don’t think of goats as being companions, but they love to play and interact with each other, and other species as well, including humans. They actually are great farm animals and have many uses, including friendship apparently. I’m happy that Benjamin is so loved by his human.

Watch their beautiful bond below! Did this story of Tom and Benjamin touch your heart? Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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