5-year-old girl calls 911 when dad has heart attack – her conversation with dispatcher is going viral

Dealing with an emergency can be an extremely terrifying and stressful experience, especially if the problem involves a friend or close family member. But such a moment can be even more frightening if you’re only 5-years-old. You have to grow up really fast, stay calm and collected, listen to instructions and not get flustered. It’s a big ask for someone so young!

That’s why this call from a little girl in Indiana is almost unbelievable, especially when it appears her dad was suffering a heart attack. When he was suddenly hit by alarming chest pains and difficulty breathing, Savannah’s father called 911 – but he was unable to talk, so he handed the phone over to his daughter. Savannah, staying cooler than a cucumber on ice, advised the dispatcher what was going on, at the same time as comforting her dad – AND being concerned that she wasn’t properly dressed for the ambulance crew to arrive!

This adorable child stays perfectly calm throughout the entire exchange, staying with her dad and relaying important information back to the dispatcher. Dispatchers are extremely well trained in dealing with people of all ages and abilities, but Savannah needed little coaching to take control of the situation. At the advice of the dispatcher, she runs to unlock the family’s front door so the crew can gain access.

But it’s the next conversation that as the internet in hysterics, as Savannah is concerned she’s still in her pyjamas and needs to put on some clothes for when people arrive! It’s so adorably cute, and like the newsroom studio audience, you’re likely to join in when they all say “aawwwwww!”

“I don’t know what I’m gonna wear but he really needs oxygen real fast,” says Savannah, calmer than a Hindu Cow! All through the dispatch conversation, she reassures her father, even at one point gently telling him to stay calm. Savannah’s cool head and calm demeanour would no doubt have gone a long way to helping her dad through the emergency.

And thankfully, he did get through and made a full recovery – thanks largely to the level head of his beautiful girl. It’s little wonder this video has gone viral, so share it with your family and friends too. It’s also a great reminder to our children of how important it is to stay calm in such a situation. Savannah is a wonderful example of how to do it right!