5-Year-Old Shows Off Soulful Singing With “This Little Light of Mine” Rendition

The iconic musician Harry Connick Jr. has is own television show where he talks about current events, interviews, celebrities, and engages the audience in fun games. When an adorable five-year-old visited his show, everyone was shocked at his singing skills.

Caleb Serrano is on stage dressed in a nice suit, and he is ready to serenade anyone with “This Little Light of Mine” who will listen. He starts out by singing smooth vibrato, and Connick Jr’s band starts to play behind the young musician.

It doesn’t take long for Caleb to start belting the notes for this classic song. You can see how delighted the audience is as they sing and dance along. The performance really gets going once Caleb starts clapping and stomping on the beat.

You can clearly see that Serrano is confident in his skill and that he doesn’t mind singing in front of a crowd or on television. We could watch this over and over again. He has the talent of a trained adult vocalist, and we can’t wait to see what he does as he grows up.