This 5-Year-Old Went To The Ellen Show. Don’t Miss What The Girl Did THEN! Whoa!

Kids have an amazing ability to retain everything that they perceive, like sponges who absorb any piece of knowledge available to them. They are known to be able to learn things very fast; the younger they are when they get exposed to something, the quicker they will learn it. They are all unique and with different likes and dislikes, and that gives them strong personalities. The girl shown in the video shows us that sometimes, kid can be VERY interested in MANY things.

The brilliant kid’s name is Macey Hensley. Even though she is only 5, she has an incredible interest in learning all that she can, such as all the presidents that the United States has had. Most children her age only think about superheroes and playing, but she seems to be one step ahead of everyone!

For example, as we can see on the clip, she started learning about the presidents just a year before, and she already knows everything about every single one of them. The famous TV host, Ellen Degeneres, was so delighted by her, than she even gave her a trip to the White House. I bet she’ll love to learn a lot more then!

You can see this clip of this hilarious and smart girl right below here! What did you think of it? Share your thoughts in a comment!

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