50 Golden Retriever puppies come bursting out the door

If happiness was a river, it would probably be made of puppies. Don’t believe us? Watch this video and take notes.

Prepare for a deluge of adorable. This video shows plush and fluffy puppies pouring out of the door for their playtime. Can your heart handle it?

They’re all golden retriever puppies, so they all kinda blend together into a bouncing, rolling, bobbing mass of floof. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

This footage is brought to you by a facility run by breeders that specialize in golden retrievers. Each of these bundles of lovable trouble is destined for a forever home.

The puppies are weaned and eating solid food, but they can still run to a section of the enclosure where they can say hello to their parents.
You’re probably smiling right now and don’t realize it. These puppies are like a tidal wave of happiness.

Whoever those keepers are, they have the most joyful job in the world.

50 Golden Retriever puppies come bursting out the door