50 healthcare workers come together to sing ‘Fight Song’ on Canada’s Got Talent

‘Canada’s Got Talent’ welcomed a most unusual choir to their stage. This choir formed online and rehearsed virtually. It comprises over 50 healthcare workers who found comfort and encouragement from music and each other.

These women worked 7 days a week and 18-hour days on the front lines. They were separated from friends and family throughout the beginning days of the pandemic. They decided to connect online and form a chorus.

One of the healthcare workers tells judge Howie Mandel that their message to others is to take care of yourselves. She goes on to say music is medicine to our souls, and this is our prescription for all of you.

Howie thanks them all for being heroes, noting their efforts and grit. The women told CGT that they faced emotions like fear and anger, and intense frustration. However, music was their form of self-care that helped them get through the darkest times.

They perform in blue shirts with white hearts on the chest. They chose to sing the hit song, ‘Fight Song’ by Rachel Platten. Since its debut, the tune has gone 6 times platinum, selling over 6 million copies in America alone.

The performance starts slow and in unison, but it soon bursts into harmony. The beat kicks in, and everyone is enjoying this amazing choir. Their blend and enthusiasm are awesome, and the whole crowd is clapping along.

As the song ends, the women strike a final pose together. The audience and judges stand to their feet to acknowledge the incredible performance and personal sacrifice these women have given. It is a wonderful moment to celebrate the efforts of the healthcare professionals and their talent!

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