For 50 Years, This Cowboy Would Help Random Strangers Stuck On The Highway. How They Repaid Him? AWW!

The “San Diego Highwayman” has become a famous fixture on the road gaining respect from people all over California’s second largest city.

Since 1966, Thomas Weller has driven his 1955 Ford wagon up and down the San Diegohighways looking for broken down cars.

Why? Because he simply wants to help someone in need.

If Weller comes upon a pulled over car, he stops. Perhaps, they’ve ran out of gas or maybe they have a flat tire. Whatever it is, Weller does his best to offer his assistance and help.

He refuses any money for his guardian angel services. His generosity stems from one single event when he was 16. He got stuck in a snow bank and a Good Samaritan pulled his car out. And that person wouldn’t accept any money.

Since his teenage years, the San Diego Highwayman has been helping other people in need. Whenever he offers his services, he hands the person he helped a card which reads: “Assisting you has been my pleasure. Pass on the favor by helping someone in distress that you may encounter.”

Unfortunately, Weller’s famous wagon “Beulah” got totaled in a crash in 2011. The car was garaged and the man was saddened.

“I miss Beulah,” says Weller in the video. “It was like a part of me was killed as well.”

But thanks to the generosity of the people he has helped over the years, money was raised to fix Beulah. A GoFundMe account was created and another man donated a lot out of his pocket. In total $18,000 was needed to fix the old Ford.

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