500lb Baby Elephant Throws Adorable Temper-Tantrum, Mom Takes Charge

Baby elephantTourist Captures Hilarious Baby Elephant Antics

“A herd of elephant passed in front of us and I caught this baby elephant, throwing a little temper-tantrum, and looking like Bambi on ice…”

Those of us who are parents know exactly what it’s like when your toddler throws a tantrum. Their in-built method of getting their own way. Whether it is pouting, stamping their feet or screaming the shopping center down, these little hissy fits, generally in public, are always an embarrassment. But what when that tantrum-throwing infant weighs over 500lbs?

We all remember our own little darlings putting on a show for all to see. I want it, I want it, I want it. Then the feet start and the lip drops, the tears start to flow, all this while the entire shopping center watching. Oh, the fun of parenthood.

Baby elephant and mom on the roadWhen a baby elephant spits the dummy it puts on a show that no Hollywood star could compete with. Yes, these infant pachyderms can certainly be drama queens and as the video below shows, mum isn’t having a bar of any of it.

This little fellow starts with the typical body flop maneuver, followed by the classic side to side rocking, this should get mums attention! Mum, on the other hand, knows better and totally ignores her wayward infant. Well, I had better try the proven lay on my back and throw my legs in the air trick, that will make her pay attention! Mum of course, totally aware of what he is up to, just walks away and leaves him to his own devices. Well, …that didn’t work, ok, I will lay in the middle of the road and stretch out, flap my ears and wiggle my trunk, that will do it!

In the meantime some of the other mothers in the herd just walk on by, they too ignoring the show this little chap is putting on. Hang on…..where are you all going?…wait for me…mum….wait for me….

Tantrum over, mission failed, lesson learned, no matter what species you are, mums everywhere, will always win the battle of the tantrum.

500lb Baby Elephant Throws Adorable Temper-Tantrum, Mom Takes Charge