5th grade boys acting immature? Actually, it’s a creative talent show act

You may have put your elementary school days out of your mind many, many years ago. It’s all a blur of sitting in class for hours, taking quick lunch breaks, some recess hijinks, and various athletic follies in phys ed class. It’s possibly, though, that you have fond (or not so fond) memories of talent shows, especially if you had the intestinal fortitude to take part, risking embarrassment in front of the whole school. It was a great way to get attention, anyway.

A group of fifth grade boys at the New Braunfels Christian Academy near San Antonio, Texas, came up with an imaginative and memorable idea for the upcoming talent show. It wasn’t the usual singing or playing of musical instruments. Preparing their act took some time and effort, but there’s no question all that work paid off.

The performance started with a large object covered by a black sheet. When the sheet was pulled off, it revealed the four boys done up as babies, complete with onesies, bibs and pacifiers! Well, it’s really just their arms and heads poking from behind a divider. The stuffed bodies and legs are moved by puppetry and with much comedic effect.

The audience was roaring with laughter even before the music started and the laughs kept coming throughout the performance. The “babies” danced to hits like Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off” and the old Village People standby “YMCA.” They broke out a few amusing props and even took a surreal break for a little baseball.

We’ve posted video of this cute and really funny skit for you below. You’ll see why it already has over 9 million views.

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