5th-grade boys in onesies for a talent show? Once their show starts the crowd roars with laughter

Talent shows in schools serve a very noble purpose if you ask me. They are the birthplaces of tomorrow’s stars. This is where the performers get their first idea of how the audience might be deeming them in the future. For some of them is a very rewarding experience. For others, it’s something that they needed to do, so they might just get it over with.

But for those performers that have put a lot of energy in their show, it was all worthwhile. The most important questions for those preparing for a talent show is, how do you impact the audience? If you’re a singer, maybe picking the most difficult song you know and just nailing it. If you’re a dancer, maybe doing something no one’s done before.

One of the most memorable dance performances I have ever seen was not on a school talent show, but on one of those reality TV talent shows. It featured a group of dancers from Europe that would present something to the audience they had never seen before.

Their show consisted of a lot of lights with a lot of coordination. They were wearing these suits that had been outfitted with lights. The lights were turned off for the performance and the way they danced with the lights made them look like it was only one or two of them dancing with a lot of special effects. At the end, they went on to the next round with a Golden Buzzer.

But, what about the students that have not got any previous experience? I guess what they must do is study Internet videos as much as they can and try to land those moves on stage. Some of them can dance like robots, while others take a more traditional approach, and set their sights on maybe dancing something they have taken lessons for.

What happens if you’re not a singer nor a dancer. Then, taking part in one of these shows takes on a whole new color. Trying one of the above if you’re not any good will result in a disaster. Many of them think of other ways they can entertain. “I know, how about comedy?” Sure, you don’t need to be a talented singer to pull this off, right? Now, it’s just a matter of finding the right monologue or act to do. Now, think that you’re in 5th grade, it starts getting a little scarier, right? Well, the contestants in the following video decided to present their act dressed in onesies. The result: the crowd wanted more. What might have possibly gotten them so excited?