5th grade boys use onesies, bibs, and pacifiers in epic talent show skit

It may be that you put your elementary school days out of your mind many, many years ago. If you remember much, it’s likely a blur of sitting in class for hours, quick lunches in the cafeteria, recess hijinks, and inglorious moments in phys ed class. Ah, but you might have more vivid memories of talent shows, particularly if you actually had the courage to go on stage, risking embarrassment in front of the entire school. Of course, if you craved attention, nothing was really going to embarrass you!

Most talent show performances consist of singing or playing a musical instrument. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s nice to mix things up a little. At the New Braunfels Christian Academy near San Antonio, Texas, a group of fifth grade boys came up with a clever and highly memorable skit for the school’s talent show. It took a lot of time and effort to get their act down, but there can be no doubt all that work paid off.

At the beginning of their skit, all the audience saw was a large, mystery object covered by a black sheet. When the sheet came off, it revealed the four boys done up as babies, complete with onesies, bibs, and pacifiers! In fact, it was just their arms and heads sticking out from behind a divider; their bodies and legs were puppets.

The effect was so comic the audience was already roaring with laughter even before the music started. They kept on laughing while the “babies” danced to favorites like Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” and the Village People’s “YMCA.” The pacifiers weren’t the only amusing props they had at the ready: they took a break for a surreal bit of baseball practice.

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