6 Age-Defying Makeup Transformations That Prove Every Woman Can Be A Movie Star

Christopher Hopkins was affectionately known as “The Makeover Guy.” He was a cyber-star and an appearance aficionado. Since the early 90s, he has provided many clients uplifting and exclusive makeover tips. Every woman has a different goal for getting a makeover.

Recently, one of Hopkins’ makeover transformation snippets grabbed the attention of several young ladies looking to get a stunning makeover. As a result, 6 women, Kinden, Wanda, Tammy, Joana, Wendy, and one unnamed lady, came to Hopkins’ makeover studio to feel beautiful again. All the women were from different backgrounds.

They gave a brief introduction about why they wanted to get a makeover. Tammy, from Western Montana, told everyone working at the studio that she wanted to get a makeover because her sister wanted to. The unnamed lady wanted an experience of a lifetime, and thus she decided to get a hair-do.

Wendy, from Fort Collins, Colorado, had hair bangs her entire adult life and wanted to change her “Dutch Boy look” somehow. Kinden’s reason for getting a makeover was her son, who recently moved out, and she had enough time to pamper herself.

Wanda had lost some weight and wanted a change in her look. Joana, from Mankato, Minnesota, was a design engineer who wanted to experience something out of the ordinary in her monotonous life. The makeover done by Hopkins brilliantly transformed the appearance of these women.

Joana got a short haircut with highlights. She looked beautiful with light makeup that highlighted her color tone. Tammy’s mid-length hair was cut short, and Hopkins gave her hair some curls that gave her hair a voluminous look. In addition, the talented makeover artist ensured to give Tammy’s face a deeper shade of foundation since she had pale skin.

Tammy’s eye makeup was a bit bold, which made her look stunning. Wanda got a short-layered haircut, making her shine like a doll. After her makeover, Wendy was ready to hit the red carpet, while Kinden looked gorgeously unrecognizable.

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6 Age-Defying Makeup Transformations That Prove Every Woman Can Be A Movie Star