After 6 Long Years, Reunion Of Cat And Owner!

This cat was lost many years ago. Amanda, the woman who owned the cat for a very long time, hasn’t seen her cat in 6 years. The cat got away somehow and has been lost for the past 6 years without anyone knowing where he was or what he was up to – or if he was even alive.

But then a couple finds the cat, and they realize that it needs some medical attention. The Ontario couple turns the cat over to a local cat rescue.

When the rescue takes the cat to get spayed, they realize that the cat has some sort of serial number on its ear. The number showed that this cat has a family, so the rescue contacts the family and then brings the cat home to live with her real owner.

Amanda never thought she’d see her cat again, and she was overcome with emotion when she finally does. It’s an experience that no one can take from this woman and her cat; such a happy ending.
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