In 6 seconds, this baby goat will make you laugh. I can’t stop watching!

Feast your eyes with Buckminster, the most adorable baby goat in the world. He’s so happy to be in the world, that he often makes a skip in his steps. The wonderful video below posted last year shows the adorable Buck, a ‘kid’ (as in “baby goat”) who is seen walking on a hallway right as he gets a sudden burst of happiness, and makes a leap that will melt your heart in an instant.

You can see him as he jumps and leaps with joy in the middle of the hall, and it’s one of those things that just fills your heart with happiness, no matter what circumstances or what mood you’re in. The way that he walks and skips is almost like a dance, and it has a cartoon-ish feel to it that just won me over in an instant.

Buckminster is just one of the countless domestic animals that have won our hearts with adorable videos on the internet. Dogs and cats usually get all of the attention, but one has to remember that every animal has their own way of showing their joy, and the cutest moments come when you least expect them. Cheers to the jolly goat!

You can watch Buckminster in all his glory in the video right below.