6 teenagers take the stage to sing “Amazing Grace” A Capella. They’ll give you goosebumps

If we dig deep enough, we are bound to find young and interesting talent in each corner of the country. Televised talent shows are not the only places where you will find it, either. There are hundreds of men and women who are just waiting to be discovered. It may be in fairs, school talent shows or in someone’s living room, we just need to look, and we will find them.

Many of today’s great singers started while singing in the shower. Remember that everything starts with a dream. Someone envisions himself performing in front of a crowd and he sings as if no one was looking at them. This is when the real magic takes place. I remember seeing one of these talent shows which featured a singer who started singing in the shower.

He comes from an Italian family. As you may know, Italian men are very attached to their mothers. Mothers are very important symbols in the Italian family. His mother was very proud of him and the only place he dared to sing was in the shower. The problem is that his father would hear him and tell him to turn the water off because he was wasting gas.

His name is Sal and he has a very close-knit family. He is also very close to his cousins. One of them called Tommy is the one that looks after his best interests. Tommy tells Sal not to worry about auditioning. He only needs to be himself and he will probably knock the socks off the judges. Sal is a little worried about Simon. Tommy tells him that he is only a man in a chair.

Sal is very self-confident as the judges were about to find out. He even flirts a little bit with Heidi, one of the judges. Sal explains how he came to be a singer and surprises the judges with his flair. He turns out to be a very likable fellow and this is just the beginning of it. Everything is about to be turned upside down when he takes the stage. He sings and wins over every single judge and person in attendance. And to think it all started with singing in the shower.

The following video features a group of young men and women. They are going to tackle one of the most difficult songs to sing, “Amazing Grace.” Not only will they be singing this song, but they will be singing it A Capella. The minute they start singing, the crowd is blown away by their incredible voices. You are about to witness the birth of stars, and it’s not on a TV show!