6 Voices Take On “Amazing Grace” – And We’ve Got Goosebumps

NBC’s The Sing-Off has produced some amazing a cappella groups, from world-renowned sensation Pentatonix to Nashville-based showstopper Street Corner Symphony. However, these six Sing-Off alums have given us a performance like no other in their 2016 video.

For this stellar reunion, they chose to cover none other than everyone’s favorite hymn, “Amazing Grace.” This song is beautiful enough on its own, but when you add in six ridiculously blended voices in harmony it’s just out of this world.

Peter Hollens, once a member of famed a cappella group On The Rocks, now enjoys a solo career as a world-renowned vocalist. To create something magical for this inspirational hymn, he called in some help from his television buddies, the five members of country vocal group Home Free.

As the six singers gather together in an awe-inspiring church and fall forest, they take us on a journey with their truly incredible voices. We don’t know what’s better, the setting or their tone, but we’re loving it.

6 Voices Take On “Amazing Grace” - And We’ve Got Goosebumps