6 Weeks Old Baby Was Deserted By His Parents. His Savior? I Had Tears In My Eyes!

Anyone who says cats don’t have a soul is going to be proven wrong. The kitten in this video lives in a small city in Russia called Obninsk. He hangs around in an apartment building which has become his home. The friendly inhabitants of the building feed him and have given him a cardboard box as a makeshift bed.

One day, however, the cat found his bed to be occupied. But it wasn’t some other animal. He saw an abandoned newborn human baby in his box. The baby was around six to twelve weeks old. Fortunately, the kitty had a warmer heart than the ones who deserted this little baby. He kept the little baby warm and helped him survive.

The constant meowing of the kitten caught the attention of a nurse living in the apartment. When she witnessed the situation, she called the ambulance. The kitten didn’t want to leave the baby alone and even tried to jump into the ambulance with him. The baby is healthy and well now and the officials are searching for his parents.

The cat on the other hand is being treated as a local hero, and rightly so. The staff at the hospital say the little boy is healthy and is doing well now at twelve weeks old. There are subtitles so you can understand what they are saying.

Watch this hero of a cat below! What do you think of this cat’s instincts to help this baby? Please let us know what you think in the comments!

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