When That 6 Yr Old Went Up To That Horse, I NEVER Thought I’d See THIS, But WHOA!

Six-year-old, Addison Valley is a pro when it comes to riding horses. She has been riding since she was three years old and can show off skills which we can only dare to imagine. It’s remarkable to have come across someone who has mastered the sport at such a young age. She is really fearless on this horse and you watch her in this next clip.

Around the :45 mark, we see the young Arizona girl in action as she leads 16-year-old Puff and directs him to walk backward. She explains that the work she does with him, like walking, circling, and running, is called showmanship, and she is an expert at it. She has won many competitions and even won the saddle you see on Puff in this clip.

She also takes good care of her horse by brushing him when they get back to the barn. She explains that it’s important to do this because he sweats when they work out.  We can clearly observe a mutual loving relationship between these two.

Valley tells the news reporter that she gives her horse treats so he knows he did a good job, and then she gives him a big hug. When asked why she does all this by ABC15 Arizona, her answer was very simple. She didn’t hesitate to say, “I love him and he’s my horse.”

Watch the video. What did you think? Isn’t she a wonderful rider at such a young age? Let us know about your thoughts in the comments!!

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