60 girls line up the stage to sing “Ave Maria” and it’s shockingly good!

Talent shows have given us great performances. I remember when all these shows started, we didn’t know what to expect. Initially, we saw a lot of people that could sing but didn’t have what it takes to get to the next level. I mean, I would listen to a couple of auditions each time that would appear to me as being okay for the next round, but the judges would say ‘no’.

I would think that the judges were exaggerating a little, but if you think about it, they are the most experienced at it. I felt bad for some of the contestants. There was one singer that made a lot of sacrifices to be there in the first place. She worked for an accounting firm. Only her best friend at work knew that she liked singing. She told her friend and then they went to a karaoke bar.

After they got to sing at the karaoke, her friend encouraged her to give it a try. She told her, “What’s the worst thing that can happen?” She said, “well, I can go there for nothing, maybe embarrass myself.” Her friend totally understood where she was coming from, but still suggested she go. Her boss wasn’t that understanding. She had been working for that accounting firm for about 6 months, and her boss didn’t want to give her a leave of absence.

Her boss told her that it was either she went to work, or she could lose her job. She decided to follow her dreams and she quit her job. Initially, she was very nervous, but the more she thought about auditioning, the more convinced she felt about her decision. She packed her bags and left for the audition the next day.

Her name was finally called, and she told her story to the judges. One of the judges felt very good about what she had done, but the other two questioned her about it and thought she might have gone a little too overboard. “I’ve always believed that you should follow your dreams,” she said. She finally got the chance to sing, but unfortunately was not picked.

That didn’t happen for the kids in the following video. They are a very big choir and they are scheduled to sing “Ave Maria.” Some of the kids look nervous and the judges are usually weary when there are many kids present in the same group. Some of them can get too nervous and hide behind the others’ performance. When the children start singing, you can hear a pin drop in the auditorium. They were so good that they brought tears to my eyes.