60-Year-Old Man Befriends Plethora of Wild Racoons

There is something heartwarming about seeing wild animals in their natural habitat. While raccoons may not be the cutest critter that comes to mind, they can be sweet when treated with a lot of love, and plenty of snacks.

Jim Blackwood is an older gentleman who can’t get enough of the wild raccoons in his backyard. His love for them started when his wife Jane passed away in 2003 from a battle with cancer. Jane adored the little creatures, and Jim adopted a passion for them in her memory.

As a retired Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer, Blackwood has more time on his hands than he knows what to do with. Now, he spends around eight hours a day with the raccoons in his yard.

In his latest video, he says that the previous night, 17 of the mischievous critters showed up for an evening meal. Jim feeds these cuties everything from hamburger helper to Vienna sausages. No wonder why they keeping coming back for more.