68 Canines And Puppies Rescued From Single Home!! Watch Them Relax After Rescue! So Cute!

Dogs are such lovable creatures and when they are discovered ill treated or living in less than ideal conditions, dog lovers can get in a huff – and rightfully so. The Hanover County Sheriff’s Office in Hanover, Virginia came to the rescue of an incredible 68 dogs and puppies that were found housed in a single home. As you can imagine, one home is barely enough for a bunch of dogs, forget about 68!!

With so many canines under one roof, I’m sure it’s understood that they were living there in unhealthy living conditions. But what makes this video so adorable are the reactions of the puppies after their rescue. Still at the Sheriff’s office, they get down to doing what they do best. Unwinding with fun.

Watch these adorable puppies gambol about and play with each other after their rescue. I’m sure living in such close quarters with so many dogs wouldn’t have been easy for them and its heart melting to see the little ones being their playful selves and that the situation they were in hasn’t traumatised them.

As of now the dogs are happy at the shelter and are recovering rapidly from the situation they were. Once the owner has voluntarily relinquished ownership of the dogs, the canines can be placed for adoption to find better and loving forever homes.

I love dogs and seeing their happy selves after their rescue made my heart melt. What did you feel after watching the video? We love hearing from you! Share this video with other dog lovers to spread the word and send us your messages in the comments section below.

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