After 68 Years, She Finally Discovers What Happened to Her Husband Lost In The War… And It Breaks My Heart!

When her husband went off to war just 6 weeks after marriage, she was heartbroken when he didn’t return. Over the next 68 years she wondered what happened to him until recently she learned the unbelievable truth.

The amazing story will probably bring you to tears. It did for me.

Billie Harris was a fighter pilot who fought for America in World War II. He was shot down and killed in July of 1944 over Nazi occupied Northern France.

But his wife Peggy Harris from Vernon, Texas was still in mourning as she did not know what fate had befallen her beloved husband. She has never remarried and still misses her true love.

He died in combat as a young man but because of mistakes in communication, Peggy never learned this information. She thought he was just missing.

But learning that her husband had died wasn’t the surprising fact as she had come to assume that. Instead what came after is the amazing part of the story.

In Normandy, France where Billie fought for freedom, his legacy continues to lives on. Three times a year, a small town marches down their main street in remembrance of those who perished in the World War. Their main roads name? Place Billie D. Harris.  And Billie is one of the most important people they pay tribute to.

Learn more about this miraculous story by watching the video below and see how one American veteran’s legacy lives on more than 60-years after he fought for freedom.

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