7 innocent puppies found abandoned in a box

Newborn puppies should never be taken away from their mother. This is because they get proper nourishment from their mother’s milk. Taking them away from their mother deprives them of this nourishment. But unfortunately, this was precisely what happened in Mladenovac, Serbia.

A rescuer from Dog Rescue Shelter in Mladenovac, Serbia, found a boxful of seven puppies. The puppies were abandoned outside the animal shelter. All the puppies were 5 weeks old. The rescuer picked up each puppy and inspected them to see if any of them was injured or hurt.

He ensured that he did not hurt the puppies while picking them up for inspection. Finally, after being satisfied that all the seven puppies were healthy and safe, he picked up the box and took it away to a loving foster home.

The puppies were very tiny. Therefore, it was also necessary to feed them every three hours. The puppies were fed milk from a feeding bottle. All the puppies drank the milk in complete satisfaction and happiness.

The foster parents also ensured that the puppies were given a friendly and warm place. The puppies were highly inquisitive. They immediately started to explore the area. In the process, some of them also toppled over each other.

They were also given stuffed toys to play with, including a stuffed dinosaur, a small ball, etc. They showed their spunky nature to their foster parents within a few days. They were pleased with their new place.

Soon it was time for them to go to their forever homes. Thankfully, all of them found loving families very quickly. Although their first experience after birth was terrible, a few caring humans ensured that each one of them had a loving and caring family.

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