7 Scotsmen Begin To Perform. In Seconds, Their Haunting Music Takes Everyone’s Breath Away

Bagpipes and DrumsThere has to be nothing more stirring than the sound of Scottish music. No wonder the Scots were so ferocious in battle, they were spurred on to victory by their rousing music as you’re about to experience for yourself!

It takes considerable skill to play the bagpipes and those who master the difficult instrument are certainly talented musicians. So, to come across a band playing on the streets of Glasgow must have been an unexpected bonus for all the passing shoppers.

Bagpipes and DrumsThis amazing band of six dedicated musicians clad in traditional Scottish outfits is called Clanadonia.  Whether you prefer bagpipe music or not, surely their terrific performance couldn’t help but impress.

They are Scotland’s hardest working tribal drums and pipe band and their members have been entertaining for over 20 years with countless credits in stage, screen, radio and TV. Their high energy blend of tribal rhythms, bagpipes and tartan-clad mayhem has wowed audiences across the globe.

Clanadonia’s mission is to spread bagpipe and drum fuelled havoc amongst the general public throughout the known world and judging by the feedback, their music has traveled to every corner of the earth!

The seven musicians appear to greatly enjoy themselves as they lose themselves in the music. The guys really know how to ham it up for the audience and judging by their enthusiasm I am sure these characters would always be the life of the party. Luckily the performance was recorded for all of us to enjoy.

For all of you who enjoy traditional Scottish music, be sure to share Clanadonia’s music with your friends.