7 Year Old Came Onstage With A Snake Wrapped Around Her Neck. Now Wait Till You See Her Do THIS!

Everyone has their own talents and interests. Some can dance exceptionally well even at young age, while some have enchanting vocal. However, this little girl in the video have the most extraordinary talent and you’ll never guess what she is about to do in front of these judges of Britain’s Got Talent.

Olivia Binfield was just 7 years old when she decided to come to audition for the Britain’s Got Talent 2011 series. Her talent is very exceptional. This little girl who aims to become a zoologist one day delivered a poem. It was not just the poem that shocked the millions of people around the world, but it was the fact that she wrote it herself, memorized it and delivered it while an enormous snake was wrapped around her neck. She talked about how people shouldn’t use animal’s flesh to make trendy fashion objects and I totally agree with her!

I freaked out at first but then I started cheering for her. What do you think about Olivia and her poem? Share your opinions in the comments section! We’d love to hear from you!

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