7 year-old girl’s terrifyingly realistic Halloween costume stuns internet

There are a lot of tough, demanding jobs out there: firefighter, oil rig roustabout, maybe even school teacher. But there’s one job that involves an immense amount of work, almost unlimited hours, and doesn’t even get you a paycheck: being a mom! Yes, there are rewards: a lot of joy and love, plus the satisfaction of raising children. But stress, anxiety, and fatigue are unavoidable.

Sam Jess Griffin from Indiana knows the drill. She has five children, all under the age of 10: there can’t be many quiet moments in that house! Fortunately, 7 year-old Lainie, her second oldest, is far more helpful than the typical kid her age. In fact, her nurturing ways with her younger siblings and the family pets has earned her the nickname Little Mommy!

When Halloween rolled around, you might expect that a 7 year-old girl like Lainie would be eager for a chance to dress up like a witch or a princess. Instead she decided to dress up as her idol: her own mom! After digging through a few closets, she’d assembled the costume: a pink sweatshirt with matching sweatpants — “mom jeans” are presumably unobtainable in her size — and flip-flops. Lainie also grabbed a couple of dolls, one to hold like a baby and the other clinging to her leg. It was a brilliant idea for an ultra-realistic costume. Her mom loved it and added a couple final touches: “I filled in the details of the dark circles under her eyes and put the (fake) spit-up on her shirt. I thought this would be a funny way to represent parents, who have all had those sleepless nights and spit-up.”

A friend saw a photo of Lainie in her mom costume and shared it on social media. It quickly became a hit as moms all over the internet recognized in Lainie’s costume all the burdens and joys of motherhood.

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