7-Yr-Old Skates to The Center of The Rink. Now Keep Your Eyes on Her Feet! I’m out Of Words!

This video features the amazing figure skating competition performance of a 7-year-old at the LA Open Artistic. The skater was precocious Gia Kokotakis, representing the All Year Figure Skating Club of California. The music accompaniment was “You Raise Me Up”.

It was a truly graceful performance. She may have lacked power at that age but she more than made up for it with her grace and effortlessness in performance. The jumps were flawless and well-timed, and the always elegant camel position will quite literally take your breath away!

At that very tender age of seven and competing against older girls up to 14 years old, Gia defied all odds and expectations to land the third-place medal at that competition.

One had the feeling she had a real future in the sport, and it would not be off base at all, for Gia would continue her ascend in figure skating all the way to the national scene. She vowed to be a skater for life and most recently won the bronze medal at the Intermediate level of the US National Figure Skating Championships.

Figure skating is not a sport for the dilettante and the light-hearted. First and foremost one would need to be blessed with natural ability, and that alone would not be nearly enough. A lifetime of dedication to the sport is the other requisite.

Watch her stunning performance and add your review in the comments box down at the bottom of this page. What did you think of her skills? Watch and enjoy!

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7-Yr-Old Skates to The Center of The Rink. Now Keep Your Eyes on Her Feet! I\'m out Of Words!