70-year-old solo female adventurer and her marvelous DIY stealth camper

Virginia is a seventy-year-old woman who lives alone in her van. She calls her van “Axel” and converted it over a year with help from her friends and local builders. Now, she adventures full-time across the continent.

The design elements were all chosen by Virginia, and she takes great pride in the overall aesthetic. Artwork decorates the walls and adds warmth and character to the space to make it her own.

One of her favorite features, the kitchen cabinets, were made by a local artisan. Virginia was even invited to help make the cabinets and sanded most of them herself. When she is ready to cook, she has a small induction oven she plugs into the wall.

Her bed sits against the back doors of the van. She says there is plenty of room for her to sleep, and she fits comfortably sideways on the custom mattress. She even created a custom wooden art piece to block the windows and improve privacy.

Her van is powered by 400 watts of solar and 300-watt lithium batteries. She can power all the appliances she needs efficiently and recommends seeking a professional for any power work.

Since she is a woman traveling alone, she invested in a complete security system. Installed cameras show her every angle outside of the van, which is especially helpful in remote or potentially dangerous overnight locations.

Virginia knows that van life is not for everyone even though she loves it. Despite concerns about her safety, she feels confident and laughs when people tell her she is brave. She acknowledges she is actually brave for living the life she wants in her van and looks forward to many more adventures.

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70-year-old solo female adventurer and her marvelous DIY stealth camper