70-year-old turns 4 chairs on ‘The Voice Senior’ with James Bond theme song ‘Diamonds are Forever’

Donna Lynton

Donna Lynton, 70, turns the chairs of all the judges at ‘The Voice Senior’ in Holland with a famous Shirley Bassey song. In this video, all judges are astonished when they turn around while she is singing ‘Diamonds are Forever’. They did not know it would be a celebrity singing so beautifully.

Donna Lynton was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1951. During the late 60’s she was performing in the girl trio The Ronettes. She is best known for her contribution to the Charlie’s Angels soundtrack in the ’70s.

After moving to the Netherlands in 1976, she started working on her solo career. She began collaborating with Jack Jersey, which led to them producing a song for the hit television show Charlie’s Angels.

Donna Lynton

After, Donna never achieved significant commercial success with her music, but she continued to pursue her passion for singing. Donna also played the role of Ms. Sherman in the famous musical Fame.

In this video, the elegantly dressed Donna takes to the stage, radiating confidence. Thirty seconds after she starts singing ‘Diamonds are Forever’, one of the judges slams the button and swings around.

Immediately he recognizes Donna and is overwhelmed by excitement. Soon after, the other three judges follow suit and are pleasantly surprised by who they see on stage. Only someone with over 50 years of professional singing experience could do justice to this Shirley Bassy song the way she did.

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