This 71 year old dances like crazy when she hears Bob Seger on the radio

When it comes to age, it’s really nothing but a number. Growing older doesn’t mean people should stop enjoying the things they loved and treasured when they were young. Many young people consider themselves to be old souls, and plenty of elderly folks seem not to age at all! Whether you’re young or old, it really doesn’t matter what hobbies you find yourself pursuing so long as you’re happy! It’s so inspiring to see older people be totally and completely themselves. The woman in the video you’re about to see is incredibly fun and free, and perfectly highlights what it means to be yourself without fear of judgment no matter your age.

Patricia Polacco is well known for her popular illustrations and books. Life hasn’t always been carefree for her, though. She was diagnosed with dyslexia at a young age and struggled with schoolwork, unable to read until she was 14 years old. She began expressing herself through art, and this brought her comfort and inspiration. You’ll find her even more inspiring after you watch this video.

This is one person who doesn’t take herself too seriously! Patricia is happy to show off her silly side with everyone around her. As she drove around with her friend Tammy, Bob Seger’s “Old Time Rock and Roll” came on the radio, and she immediately started to bust a move and sing along to one of her favorite classics. Talk about road trip goals!

More people should take note of free spirits like Patricia and feel as though they can be true to who they are and let loose once in a while. It’s so important to live authentically and be comfortable and confident with yourself! Check out the hilarious video below and leave your thoughts on this incredible woman in the comments. Then, share this story with your friends to encourage them to always be themselves!