Everyone, including the judges, watched in awe of this 71-year-old’s ‘Voice Senior’ performance

Hans Baltu

71-year-old Hans Baltus gave a phenomenal performance for The Voice Senior in Holland. It was the finals of season 4, and Hans decided to cover ‘House Of The Rising Sun’ by ‘The Animals.’

Hans wore thick glasses and a slick, shiny suit. He sang the beginning of the song in acapella. Everyone, including the judges, watched in awe of his phenomenal voice.

The judges had smiles on their faces as Hans pulled everyone in with his soulful presence. As the instruments came on to accompany him, the audience clapped and cheered.

Hans Baltu

Hans’ voice was powerful and passionate. The stage lights shined down and danced around him. Behind him, his name was displayed in big, bold letters, and no one would forget him after this performance.

Even his competitors couldn’t help but enjoy his extraordinary rendition of the song. Hans sang with his entire body, and he let the music fill every fiber of his body.

His hands moved along with the music, and he grabbed the mic as an anchor to the stage. The venue was filled with his incredible voice, and Hans had the time of his life.

The song was coming to a close, and Hans ended it with the same energy from the beginning. It was a brilliant finish to a brilliant performance.

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