73-year-old elephant rescued from years of torture

Sook Jai is an elephant who has known nothing but a life full of mystery. She was captured at a young age and tortured and trained to beg.

Elephants are one of the most intelligent animals. They are known to express emotions such as sadness. Sook Jai is a 73-year-old elephant who has been through so much.

She was captured at a very young age and trained to beg for money in Thailand’s streets by her masters. This training is a very tough process since the animals are beaten and tortured.

She had been through many owners, most of whom tortured her. Jai was finally rescued in 2017 in a terrible condition by the Elephant Rescue Park workers. She was completely blind and almost deaf.

Her rescuers began to immediately tend to her wounds since she was badly wounded and not properly fed. It was heart-melting to see tears fall from her eyes when she reached her new home.

With over one million views on youtube, most people agree that it is a relief to see this beautiful animal finally find a home. Every human should stand and condemn any form of animal abuse.

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73-year-old elephant rescued from years of torture