75 Abandoned Horses Get A Second Chance At Life. Wait Till You See What Happens! I’m In Tears!

Seventy-five abandoned horses were found in terribly heartbreaking conditions during the “Hampshire Rescue Case of 2014.” The poor creatures were neglected as they waited for some sort of miracle. Thirty of those horses were confined to stalls with almost no exercise or interaction, while the rest of them were left outside in low-down paddocks with insufficient shelter, excess manure, and lack of handling. All of them were emaciated, malnourished, and on the brink of death.

When Hooved Animal Rescue & Protection Society (HARPS) in Barrington, Illinois came into their lives, things changed. With the help of Hands and Hooves of Chicago, they saved all 75 horses before they were scheduled to be slaughtered. In October of 2014, potential adopters were called out through local and national news outlets. Wait till you see what happened next for the horses!

You can see in the video how grateful these horses were to be rescued. Horses have an amazing ability to sense the good in people, and they immediately knew these people were here to help them. These horses enjoyed the loving touch they got from their rescuers and were certainly ready to leave this place.

What an amazing rescue story. Finding homes for 75 abandoned quarter horses is no small task, but this rescue organization was up for the challenge. Eventually, all of these beautiful horses were adopted and their spirit returned.

Watch what happened next in the clip below! Let us know what you thought about this amazing rescue in the comments!

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