77 year-old custodian hides sad truth about her birthday, until staff and students confront her

Birthdays are special occasions and fun birthday parties can really drive that point home. Even if you grumble about being a year older, it’s still nice to have friends and family get together to celebrate the occasion. It’s an easy thing to take for granted, as Frances Buzzard, a custodian at the elementary school in Belle, West Virginia could tell you. Frances grew up in a household where money was so tight they couldn’t afford to have birthday parties, or even Christmas parties.

When word of this filtered up to Amanda Mays, the school’s principal, she decided to do something special for Miss Frances (as everyone at the schools knows her). After all, Frances was so nice and kind and probably the best custodian any school anywhere had ever had. “We found out from the head cook, who had spoken with Miss Frances, that she had never had a birthday party. So she turned 77 on January 30th and we thought the opportunity couldn’t pass us by.”

Since Frances was going to be on vacation the week of her birthday, Principal Mays organized an early surprise party. An “assembly” was scheduled (perfect cover story for getting everyone together). Once the whole school was assembled in the gym, Frances and another custodian, who was in on the whole thing, were summoned. For all she knew, there was a mess that needed to be mopped up. When Frances stepped through the door, two hundred voices yelled, “Surprise!” She was taken aback, but didn’t know what was going on until the principal announced, “Happy birthday, Miss Frances!” They kitted the birthday girl out with a sash and tiara and then presented a humorous slideshow about her life. Cupcakes followed. The tears she was eventually shedding showed it meant a lot to her.

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