77-year-old janitor is keeping a secret, until one day staff and students confront her

Can you imagine never having a birthday party in your entire life? It’s just an insane thing to think, but there are people out there that haven’t had the chance or pleasure to celebrate their birthdays with loved-ones or family. In today’s western societies it is hard to think that this special day would not be shared, that there are souls out there that have no-one to hold their hands or give them a loving cuddle, but the truth is that there are such people that literally have no-one.

At the Belle Elementary School in West Virginia, the principal had just found out that one of their most important staff members was about to have a birthday, and that she had never had a birthday party in her 77-years. This spritely septuagenarian, Frances Buzzard, is the schools janitor and is responsible for keeping the campus neat and tidy for all of the students and teachers to enjoy. When the principal found out the Mrs Frances, as she is known in the school, had never had a birthday party she decided that something should be done to rectify this over-sight.

Now seeing that Mrs Frances birthday was to fall on the 30th of January, a day that she was not working, it was decided to hold a special assembly with all of the students and staff of the school. This secretive event was to be held in the school cafeteria where all of the students were gathered along with the teaching and office staff. The trap was set, all that was needed now was the arrival of the special guest and birthday-girl.

As she walked into the room, the entire assembly yelled out HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a very surprised and shocked Mrs Buzzard. After her initial reaction she was then place on a chair in the centre of the room and presented with a birthday sash and tiara. Her smile just could not have been bigger as all the students sang Happy Birthday to her. They had even put together a special “This Is Your Life” video for her which features some very clever and funny picture doctoring showing her at many historic events that have transpired in her life-time.

All it takes is a little thought for someone who has not had the things that we all take for granted to make their day just a little bit brighter. The un-selfishness of this wonderful lady was rewarded ten-fold by the staff and students of this wonderful school. Can you think of anybody you know that hasn’t celebrated their birthday? Maybe we call all learn a lesson from this school and help make someone’s day just a little better. Click on the link below and enjoy a very special moment for a very special lady.