79-year-old Granny Stole Away From The Nursing Home To Get A Tattoo

One day, Tony Sellers decided to visit his 79-year-old mother named Sadie, who was living in nursing home called the Daleview House. However, when he got there, an unexpected thing was revealed – Sadie, the grandmother of 11, had gone missing.

It turned out that the old lady left the premises without telling the staff! The only thing that her son knew was that recently she had been visited by her granddaughter, Samantha. The mystery was solved within a couple of hours.

Sadie and Samantha went to a local tattoo parlor. After the grandmother saw that Samantha had a tattoo, she was inspired to get one of her own! So, the 79-year-old lady had decided to sneak off the building and get her very first tattoo – a little heart. When everything happened, she even confessed that getting a tattoo wasn’t that painful!

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