All 8 Children Came Home For Christmas. But Mom & Dad Weren’t Expecting Them To Dance! ROFL!

The holidays are meant to be all about family and traditions. Many people tend to forget that. But this family featured in the clip below is here to give us all a sound reminder that family and fun are important during the holiday season. For the last four years, this family has been continuing a brilliant family ritual. Every year on Christmas, they come together and dance to a Christmas song. There are eight children, so they are like their own dance troupe!

According to the guy who uploaded this clip, this is their best work yet. He says that there are eight children in his family and half of them are now married with their own kids. Not only that, they compel themselves to wear their Mother’s quirky Christmas sweaters every year! The sweaters are a finishing touch that make this clip truly entertaining, especially since the men are wearing them too!

For this Christmas, they danced to Justin Beiber’s “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.” But this family doesn’t just dance around doing what they feel. They choreograph an actual routine every year, and this year’s routine is spectacular. I can’t imagine how many hours went into this, but they must have had a lot of fun!

I’d say this tradition is one thing that keeps this family close during the holidays. They must be a hoot to hang out with, because it seems like all of them have a great sense of humor!

Watch this amazing family below! This is what holidays are all about right? Let us know if you enjoyed this in the comments section!

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