8 girls amaze the audience when they dive into the pool. And they are just getting started!

Nothing says, “Oh my God” like a curveball-coming-out-of-nowhere of a performance. To be honest, I have never been a huge fan of swimming. Although I do confess that whenever an international matchup that had been hyped up by the media was up in the air, I would always tune in.

I also liked to watch all the short swimming races. After all, who doesn’t like a race? I would watch the 50m, 100, and 200m, both men’s and women’s competitions. I have never tried swimming myself, but it looks like a complete exercise. My brother went to do a Ph.D. in England and decided to take swimming lessons once he was there. My father had grown up in a beach, so he was a very good swimmer, he still is at age 78.

So, when it came time for my first brother to choose a sport while he was a student in Birmingham, he decided to give swimming a try. He said it took him a few months to get very good at it. We have always been very fond of sports in our family. My oldest brother too became a very good runner as a result of his time in the Army. He had been out of shape all his life, but he says that time in the Armed Forces helped him to discover his love for exercise, namely running.

There is one of the Olympic water sports that I couldn’t get my head around. It is synchronized swimming. I don’t know why, but there are a few sports that I didn’t consider to be ‘real’ sports, and this was one of them. Why? Well, to me it was like dancing in the pool. And because dancing is not a sport, I kind of felt it was the same thing.

I play basketball in leagues from time to time, and any sport that involves a great deal of running would be a ‘real’ sport in my book (I know it’s kind of biased). When I watched some girls on TV at a competition jump in the pool and move around in synchrony, it would usually be a few minutes before I would change the channel.

That was until I run across the following video. I see the link but still click on it. Maybe it is my desire of finding the ‘next big thing’ and posting it on the Internet, or the fact that I can get overly curious. The first thing I see is a group of girls dressed in something that looks like chicken suits and head to the pool. I think to myself, “This is going to be funny.” A few minutes into the video, I am like, “OMG!”