8 Irish dancers form a line, then stun everyone with their routine!

What’s your favorite type of dance? Dancing has recently become more popular and people have become more interested in learning to dance. This is especially true when you do it to commemorate your roots and to express to people how proud you are of them. One day, I was at my local town fair when I saw several groups of dancers at a distance. Everything looked very colorful and there started to be a large crowd gathering around them.

This was a show that featured dancers from various parts of the world. You could see dancers from Japan, Russia, Ireland, Mexico, Italy, France, and Brazil. The first one that I saw was the group from Mexico. They had very nice-looking dresses and the men had hats. Their attire was mostly white in color and they started dancing to very lively music.

They did a dance where they looked as if they were stomping on the floor at moments and sliding through the floor in others. The best way I could describe this dance would be “a happy rendition of the sounds of Mexico.” It lifted everyone’s spirits and made people jump in and join them. Of course, the other people were not dancing as well as pros!

Next, were some dancers from Japan. The dancers were all women and were dressed in distinct colors. The music was very slow and featured string instruments. I would say that of all the dancers, they were the ones that looked more serious. Maybe it is a matter of respect or just the message that the dance is supposed to give, but they were still fabulous.

The last one that I saw was from Brazil. The dancers were really good. They danced to the popular rhythm of Samba. They lit up the place and made it as if we were in the middle of the Carnival. Their attire was probably the best one out there. It was colorful and filled with shiny details. The dancers were mostly women and they also taught a few of their dance steps to the people in attendance.

The girls in the following video are also part of a group. They are 8 Irish dancers that will make you wish you were Irish. Their dance steps are perfectly coordinated to the music and when Ed Sheeran’s hit starts filling the air, they take to the stage and start giving you one of the best renditions you will ever see. Try to learn the dance steps, too!