When This 8 Month Old Elephant Couldn’t Get Rid Of The Itch On His Back, He Did THIS. This Is Hilarious!

Even though all baby animals are cute there is something special about baby elephants. I honestly can’t get enough of them. It may be because of their clumsiness which makes them the cutest. Take this baby elephant for example. Even when this 8 months old baby elephant is scratching its back, it looks the cutest.

Navann, this eight months old baby elephant is from Elephant Nature Park Sanctuary, Chiang Mai Thailand. YouTube channel “elephantnews” shared this video with the world to let everyone know about the innocent world of elephants.

In this video, this little cutie is trying to scratch his back in a mud pile. He rolls over the small mud area surrounded by green grass. Even though he tries his hardest, he can’t get that mud all over his body. With these adorable acts, Navann continues to put a smile on the faces of all the caretakers on a daily basis.

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