What did she say?! 8-week-old’s first words have people debating globally

Cute 8-week-old baby

Capturing your baby’s first words on camera is not an easy task, and it is like catching a unicorn. The lucky parents who manage to pull off this nearly impossible task usually post videos of this special occasion online. Sometimes, the first words are not what you expect them to be, which is why this video went viral.

Many parents try their best to have the camera rolling every waking moment of the baby’s life when they start talking. This is usually between the ages of four to fourteen months.

When babies start babbling, it is sometimes complicated to determine if they said something or just a random speech-like sound. Then there are those moments where the word was clear and within context, as in this video.

Cute 8-week-old baby

What makes this video even more spectacular is the fact that the baby was only eight weeks old when she said these magical words. Combined with the fact that this is one of the cutest babies on the internet, made this video an international hit.

With more than 52 million views and counting, this adorable baby has hearts pumping and eyes tearing up globally. The video shot directly after Christmas shows the happy baby in pink, smiling and reacting to her mommy.

The mother talks about Christmas and asks her beautiful daughter whether she enjoyed Christmas and the presents. The baby smiles and moves around happily. The mother is delighted by the baby’s cute reactions. Then the mother expresses her love toward the baby by saying: ‘I love you.’

This is where the baby replies and the moment where the viewers could possibly have different opinions. We will refrain from revealing what we believe the baby says to avoid spoiling the video and influencing your opinion. In the end, it wouldn’t matter if you agree that these were the gorgeous girl’s first words or not. Everybody that watches this video is rewarded with the same heartwarming feeling.

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