Louie The Beagle Meets His New Sibling And It Is Pure Puppy Love

Louis, the Beagle, starring in the hilarious clip below, has already fascinated the internet with his amusing antics in the past. In this particular video, he is seen being as happy as he could ever be because of his new friend, and he just can’t wait to play with him all day.

The name of his new baby sister is Marie, and though she’s much younger than Louis, at just eight months, she doesn’t struggle at all to keep up with him. The cutest part is that Louis and Marie actually have the same dad, so they’re officially half-siblings even before taking the adoption into account.


Their familiarity becomes very apparent when you see how quickly they warmed up to each other and got right along, and it’s one of the most beautiful animal interactions you can witness. Nothing beats new friendships.

It’s usually much harder to get a puppy accustomed to a new home with older dogs because tensions and different personalities can be problematic. But Marie was a very different case, and we’re sure she’ll make an excellent addition to their happy family. Enjoy these cute doggies playing in the video below.

Louie The Beagle Meets His New Sibling And It Is Pure Puppy Love