8 Women Come Together In Tight Formation. Watch Very Closely As They Turn Their Heads… WHOA!

As a kid, my folks placed me in swimming lessons like everyone else. Sadly I never really liked it because I wasn’t very good. My ability to last a long time in the water was really poor while my technique wasn’t all that bad. I felt like I was always struggling for air and by the time the lesson was over, my entire body would be totally worn out. I just wanted to go straight to sleep. Maybe  that’s why I’m always so impressed by those who excel at swimming or  water sports at an athletic level. I’m just pleased to keep my head above water so that I don’t drown. But just take athletes such as the members of the UK synchronized swimming team, who will completely blow you away with their routine.

Synchronized swimming takes all the things I’m horrible at—swimming, dancing, gymnastics, and puts them all together into a single sport. It requires a tremendous amount of skill, strength and years of practice with committed teammates. Given that artistic impression is a main ingredient in this sport, teams will usually be wearing colorful custom swimsuits and headgear. When the UK synchronized swimming team chose their costume, they decided to take a very over the top approach.

In the video below, you’ll see these ladies wearing some rather crazy swimwear that keep the audience engaged the whole time. Pay very close attention to their mesmerizing gymnastic skills and then share your thoughts in the comments section and share share share!

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