8-year-old sits down to play the banjo, and give the best performance of the year!

I have got to tell you, kids these days are getting very talented. It’s not that talented children have existed since very recently, they’ve always been around. As a matter of fact, music geniuses like Mozart or Beethoven were kids at one point, and amazed people with their musical prowess way back when. But what makes a person turn into a musically gifted person?

This has always been a mystery. In fact, people have been so mesmerized by this for so long, that scientists have done brain scans to musical geniuses, only to find some differences in their brains. There has been a lot of research in trying to find and isolate the ‘musical gene’. They understand that the human body’s most fascinating secrets have their origin in the genes.

This move by them has been controversial. Is it morally right to do such a thing? How fair is it for a person to ‘buy’ some genes that would give him or her an edge in something like science, music or athletics? This is a tough question to answer, but in the meantime, people can’t. The best thing they can do is trying to see if there’s anything that can predict whether something like this can take place.

In my case, I can say I’m an amateur musician, nothing fancy. I can play some songs by ear, and I taught myself how to play the guitar and keyboard. No, I’m not Mozart or anything, I am just able to play a song if I hear it at least a couple of times. My grandmother was a pianist when she was young. She could read music almost until the day she passed. If you put some sheet music in front of her, she would play it.

My father (her son) just could not do it. He can’t sing, can’t play a musical instrument, nothing like that. His sister can’t, either. I have to older brothers, none of which can replicate what I can do on the guitar or piano. Now, do I believe there’s a genetic factor at play there? Yes, I believe so. The question is, why do some people inherit more talent than others?

The next video has three siblings. One of them plays the guitar, another plays the violin and the last one plays the banjo. All of them are in school and under 15. They have been playing together since they were even younger. I tried my hand at banjo when I was a little kid, and let me tell you, it is difficult. You need to have a lot of coordination and a great ear. I could never do it. The boy playing the banjo in the next video is just awesome. This is one video you won’t regret watching!