8-Yr-Old Went Onstage To Sing. But When The Judges Turned, They Weren’t Expecting To See THIS! Whoa!

The Voice is billed as a reality television singing competition. It originated in the Netherlands and since NBC adapted it to The Voice of America in 2011, it has since taken off in many countries. The reality aspect is spiced up by direct voting of television viewers to determine the winner!

There is a minimum age limit for the contestants in the regular The Voice. This following video is from the 2014 The Voice Kid Germany which has a maximum age limit instead. The contestant was 8-year old Larissa. She performed the song “Cups”, so named because it is usually performed a cappella with just a cup for percussive beats. It became hugely well-known after the movie Pitch Perfect in which Anna Kendrick sang a version of it in a diner.

The movie’s version was quite complicated and gimmicky, which is just a habit of movies – as far as movies are concerned they love piling it on. Larissa’s version is simply a lot more pure and clean and fun. Do you agree?

There is further suspense in the clip where the German The Voice Kids judges initially face away from the stage deprived of the visual of the performer and they have to hit a button to turn around in approval. You could see Larissa’s family members backstage jumping for joy every time that happened, and the girl just kept her performance going like she expected it. Great stuff!