80 Amish guys pick up a house and move it

80 people pick up house and move it

In Spartansburg, Pennsylvania a group of 80 Amish people helped to move a house to its proper lot. It is a fitting location for the herculean effort as the people pick up the house with their bare hands.

Using only their strength they walk with the house lifted, slowly to the rectangular concrete space a few meters away from them. Peeking from beneath the house you can see the legs of the people inside.

The house could be mistaken for a creature, with dozens of legs crawling across the ground. When they get to the lot they carefully lower it down to the ground.

80 people pick up house and move it

It isn’t facing the right way yet, the house needs to be turned slightly in order to fit the lot perfectly. There seems to be some issue with the idea of lifting and turning the house.

A few of the people discuss what they have to do next, in the distance, there are curious bystanders watching everything take place. There are those who are worried that the house is too big for the lot.

After a lengthy discussion, everyone returns to their places and picks up the house, and slowly turns it so it is in line with the edges of the boundary.

They move slightly, making sure they place it down perfectly on the lot so it doesn’t go over. When it is finally down it appears to fit just right.

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